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Kalpataru, one of the five trees of paradise is known as the wishing tree to fulfill our wishes deep in the heart.

Yoga's health and fitness benefits for a busy western society are well documented and celebrated. Wishingtree Yoga simplifies Yoga to make it accessible to new students and provides uncomplicated depth to experienced Yogis. Emphasizing a traditional Yoga approach, the focus is on refining posture, balance, breath and grounding to provide a solid introduction or an intense focused practice that seeks beauty and peace in its subtlety. It's not complicated. It's Simply Yoga.

Wishingtree Yoga provides 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training  and is also a Yoga Alliance approved 200h Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training School.


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This is a book written by Rupa about Yoga. Donations accepted for publishing the English version. Thank you.



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